Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The blame for my not updating this blog rests squarely on the shoulders of F#. In fact, it feels like I've been doing nothing by F# programming for the last couple of weeks:

1) My commercial proof-of-concept in F# is going so well, that I'm going to replace some of the components in the current C# version with F# versions developed in my proof-of-concept work. Further, I'm going to recommend that large portions of the project be migrated to F#. (More about what it actually is later, I hope.)

2) I've solved up through problem #10 in Project Euler using F#. Solving the Project Euler problems has been a great help in learning F#, particularly in the use of sequences and sequence operations.

3) I've made good progress in reading (and understanding!) Expert F# 2.0. My copy will soon be as dog-eared as are my copies of Programming F# and Real-World Functional Programming.

4) OK, this last one doesn't have anything to do with F#: I replaced my gradually frying video card so now my computer screen looks a little less like a 1960's psychedelic painting, lol. It was rough going there for a few days, though, waiting for the UPS truck to arrive.

However, it is on my mind that I want to come up with something really cool for a blog post. Watch this space!


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